School Donations

Book donations 

Working with schools in New Ireland and East New Britain Provinces, Nautilus Minerals identified the need for new resources including textbooks, reference books and encyclopaedias. Nautilus Minerals has since been donating these resources to schools along the West Coast of New Ireland Province and Lassul Bay in East New Britain Province to assist students with their studies. Some schools have used the textbooks as prizes for their highest performing students, commonly known as the school DUX, to encourage them to continue their studies.

In 2014, Nautilus Minerals assisted the PNG National Library to deliver school textbooks to the Namatanai Secondary School in New Ireland Province. The books will give students access to relevant up to date resources which they did not previously have.

“I am very grateful to Nautilus Minerals for helping the school in transporting the books,” said NSS Deputy Principal.

In 2015, Nautilus Minerals purchased 15,000 Kina worth of books from the National Library through their Kina for Kina scheme. These books have been delivered to five Primary Schools and one High School in New Ireland.

School Science Awards

Since 2009, Nautilus Minerals has sponsored School Science Awards in New Ireland Province. These prizes are awarded to the highest performing science students at secondary and high schools to encourage them to continue with their studies. In 2015, Nautilus donated 27 awards in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Humanities and the overall Science Discipline DUX for grades 9 to 12. 

Building Capacity

Nautilus Minerals is committed to local recruitment and training. We are currently engaged in a program to build skills and capacity in PNG. We have employed and provided vocational training for geologists, geophysicists and environmental scientists in this marine focused industry.

Throughout the Water and Sanitation program we are training local youths to learn how to build and maintain the infrastructure. Building capacity within the community will help ensure the program has lasting positive benefits for the schools and their communities.

Nautilus Minerals intends to apply this commitment to all countries in which it operates; employing suitably qualified host country nationals and developing training and localisation programs to ensure their future training and professional development.

Please Click here to read more about our capacity building programs.

Marine Science Short Course

In 2013, Nautilus Minerals, in partnership with Duke University and the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), held the first ever Marine Science Short Course for Papua New Guinean university students. The week long course, held at UPNG's Waigani campus, was attended by 21 science students from UPNG, the Pacific Adventist University and other universities in the Pacific. The course was a great success with participants learning a lot and expressing their appreciation for being involved in the program.

Nautilus Minerals again partnered with UPNG and Duke University in 2014 to expand on the successful 2013 program. The 2014 course was held over three weeks at the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) facility on Nago Island, Kavieng in New Ireland Province. 23 participants were selected to take part in this exciting program, twenty from UPNG, two from Tonga and one from Fiji. The course was taught in three main components: 1. Invertebrate Zoology: lectures by Duke University, 2. Environmental Governance and Marine Project Areas: lectures by UPNG and 3. How to build, operate and maintain miniROVS: taught by Open ROV, a USA based company.

The focus of the course was building capacity within PNG so that there can be improved environmental awareness and monitoring, as per Nautilus' commitments to the New Ireland Provincial Government (NIPG), and the State of PNG. 

Nautilus Minerals Duke University Opportunity Bursary

In partnership with Duke University, located in South Carolina, United States of America, Nautilus Minerals established an opportunity bursary for PNG students to pursue studies in marine science. To date, four students from PNG have been awarded opportunity bursaries. To read more about their journeys, please click here.

Recipients of the Bursary spend six months at Duke University where they learn state-of-the-art marine science techniques and work in the laboratory of Dr. Cindy Lee Van Dover, a world renowned deep sea biologist.
Nautilus Minerals was nominated as a finalist in the 2010 Asia Mining Congress Sustainability Awards for its Nautilus Minerals Duke University Opportunity Bursary. The awards recognise, reward and promote industry-led community development initiatives that provide long-term social and economic benefits to local communities.