Nautilus Minerals is committed to working with the National and relevant Provincial Governments to help improve the quality of life of the people living nearest to the Solwara 1 Project. In collaboration with the New Ireland and East New Britain Provincial Governments, Nautilus Minerals has developed a strategic plan for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with the aim of establishing and maintaining a strong social licence to operate. The plan is focused on delivering measurable improvements in the areas of health, education and infrastructure for coastal communities in close proximity to Nautilus projects.

Some of our past and current programs and initiatives are outlined below and on the subsequent pages: 

Community Needs Assessment

During the first half of 2015, Nautilus Minerals completed a Community Needs Assessment in villages located nearest to the Solwara 1 Project site. This area is known as the Coastal Area of Benefit (CAB). This assessment is not a requirement of PNG law; it is an initiative of the Company to gain a better understanding of the current standard of living in these villages and to identify the community's priorities and plans for development. The study found that the CAB is made up of 22 villages, which equates to ~1,500 households and a population of ~8,146 people. 

The data collected is helping Nautilus and the New Ireland Provincial and Local Level Governments finalise our CSR plans and will form a baseline to track our progress. All data has been provided to the relevant government agencies. 

Working with the Community

Callan Special Education Resource Centre, Kavieng

Nautilus Minerals donated 60,000 Kina to the Callan Special Education Resource Centre in 2014 to help them purchase a new bus. The Centre, which is run by the Catholic Church of the Kavieng Diocese, helps handicapped children and those with disabilities receive a quality education. The bus will help transport students and teachers in remote villages to and from the centre.

Port Moresby City Mission

In 2007, Nautilus Minerals committed US$100,000 in funding to the Port Moresby City Mission. This program provides youths in their teens and twenties with accommodation and job training in rural centres, away from the negative influence of peer groups. Once the youths learn the necessary skills, the Mission eases their transition to urban society and helps them obtain employment. Nautilus Minerals donated another US$90,000 to the Mission in 2014.

Namatanai Community Centre

In December 2008, Nautilus Minerals presented to Hon. Byron Chan, Member for Namatanai in the National Parliament, on behalf of the Governor of New Ireland, a cheque for 100,000 Kina. This donation was put towards the Namatanai Community Centre, which is used as a ‘hub’ for community development initiatives in central New Ireland.


Nautilus Minerals donated 16,000 Kina to Haus Ruth, a women’s shelter located in Port Moresby, to upgrade their main switchboard. The switchboard upgrade increased the overall safety of the building in particular the kitchen.

Community Development Fund

Together with a locally selected steering group, Nautilus Minerals will manage a Community Development Fund that will receive two Kina per tonne of material mined. We will work with the Provincial Government of New Ireland and other island provinces to identify community priorities and to create opportunities for improved quality of life through the provision of health and education services.